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OpenBveTrainSim(OBTS) is a free application for PCs, that runs both newer 3D Content\Addons & older 2D Bve2TrainSim(B2TS) + Bve4TrainSim(B4TS) Content\Addons from a diverse global User\Developer community. Subway, Tram, LightRail, MainLine, Freight & Passenger content is available, depicting historic & modern trains & routes from the world over. OBTS allows operating a train with a view from the cab of the track ahead, or from lineside roaming the 3D train exterior & scenery, with a goal of completing a selected route on schedule, obeying signals, without speeding\derailing.

OBTS runs best under Windows10\8\7 (32\64bit); it can be made to run under WindowsXP\Vista\Unix\Linux\MacOSX, though these operating systems are NOT fully compatible with all Addon PlugIns\DLLs. OBTS source code, compiled code, documents & addons have no registered CopyRight\Patent\TradeMark & are free to DownLoad\Use\Modify\UpLoad\Share.

This website is best viewed using the MozillaFireFox browser with uBlock & AdBlockPlus.

OBTS Features

Menu Selectable Route & Train Combinations
Menu Selectable Cab\Roaming\RunBy\Helicopter Views
Menu Selectable Screen Resolution & Filtering
Realistic RailCar Sway & Derailments
Supports New PNG & Legacy BMP\GIF\JPG Images
Supports New Animated & Legacy B3D\CSV\X 3D Objects
Supports New 3D Rendering For WAV Sounds
Supports New CSV & Legacy RW Route Formats
Supports New 3D Cabs+Exteriors & Legacy 2D Cabs
Supports New CrossPlatform & Legacy Windows DLL Custom Controls
Viewers\Editors For Objects, Routes, & Trains

OBTS Recommended Minimum Hardware

PC With Pentium4 2.6GHz CPU + 2GB CRAM, Nvidia\ATI GPU + 128MB GRAM (Shared Graphics Is NOT Recommended)
HardDrive With 20GB Available Space, 1280x800 Monitor, 3 ButtonMouse, 104 KeyBoard, Stereo Speakers
Optional JoyStick
Optional RailDriver Control Panel DownLink DownLink InfoLink

OBTS Programs & Documents

OpenBveTrainSim(OBTS) program & Route\Train addon archives are typically uploaded\published as ZIP\RAR\TAR\7Z files, which are extracted\unzipped after download; so before downloading any program\addon, first download & install the free 7Zip Archive Manager, which handles both new + legacy formats (ZIP, RAR, EXE, CAB, TAR, 7Z, etc); older archivers (WinZIP, WinRAR, etc) are NOT recommended, as they may not read\extract newer formats. Once 7Zip is installed, you will be able to download, extract & install your choice of the OBTS program & addons from the links listed below.

Stable releases\versions of the OBTS program; install under Windows per instructions below:

OBTSr2016.0706v1505 DownLink CodeLink InfoLink InfoLink InfoLink InfoLink
OBTSr2013.0728v14XX DownLink InfoLink DocsLink DocsLink DocsLink
OBTSr2012.0629v14XX DownLink DownLink
OBTSr2012.0509v14XX DownLink CodeLink InfoLink DocsLink

Developing releases\versions of the OBTS program; install under Windows per instructions below; expect bugs; send constructive comments to the developer:

OBTSr2015.0824v14XX DownLink InfoLink
OBTSr2015.0606v14XX DownLink CodeLink InfoLink DocsLink
OBTSr2014.1229v14XX DownLink InfoLink
OBTSr2013.1119v14XX DownLink InfoLink

OBTS Installation Under Windows10\8\7\XP

OpenBveTrainSim(OBTS) program & addon installation requires you have full Admin\Configuration\Owner rights on your PC\OperatingSystem & be able to Extract\Read\Edit\Copy\Move\Paste the associated Folders\Files as needed.

For Windows10\8\7, configure UserAccountControl(UAC) as follows:
Make a new folder with these subfolders
Right click each subfolder & configure for full READ+WRITE+SHARED access.
DownLoad SDL from
Extract the ZIP file to subfolder \OpenBveTrainSim\Program\
DownLoad OpenAudioLibrary from
To subfolder \OpenBveTrainSim\Program\OpenAL\
Extract the ZIP file & run the installer.
For WindowsXP, download MS.NET4.5 from
To subfolder \OpenBveTrainSim\Program\MS.NET\
Run the MS.NET4.5 installer.
DownLoad your choice of Train addons from
Make a seperate custom named \SUBFOLDER\ for each Train:
C:\...\OpenBveTrainSim\TRAIN\SUBFOLDER\Train.Dat, Panel.*, Sound.Cfg, Train.Txt, Etc
Right click each subfolder & configure for full READ+WRITE+SHARED access.
DownLoad your choice of Route addons from
Make a seperate custom named \SUBFOLDER\ for each Route:
C:\...\OpenBveTrainSim\ROUTE\SUBFOLDER\*.CSV, RW
C:\...\OpenBveTrainSim\ROUTE\SUBFOLDER\RailWay\Object\*.B3D, CSV, Animated, BMP, GIF, PNG
C:\...\OpenBveTrainSim\ROUTE\SUBFOLDER\Railway\Sound\*.Wav, Flac
Right click each subfolder & configure for full READ+WRITE+SHARED access.
DownLoad the latest Stable or Development release of the OBTS program from
Extract & place these files in subfolder \OpenBveTrainSim\Program\
Right click \OpenBveTrainSim\Program\OPENBVE.EXE
Run \OpenBveTrainSim\Program\OPENBVE.EXE
Click OPTIONS; configure the resolutions, interpolation & other settings per your hardware & preference.
In the ROUTE submenu, browse the \OpenBveTrainSim\ROUTE\ subfolders & select a desired CSV\RW file.
In the TRAIN submenu, browse the \OpenBveTrainSim\TRAIN\ folder & select a desired subfolder.
Read the displayed TRAIN.TXT for Control keys & any special Start\Safety key sequences.
Click START to load & drive the chosen Route & Train.

If OPENBVE.EXE generates an error such as "Access to path C:\... is denied" or "Process terminated due to an unhandled exception", review the install instructions above; insure that the Folders\Files are arranged & configured proper, that UserAccessControl(UAC) is set as noted, & that all dependencies (SDL, OpenAL, .Net, etc) are installed, before running the program again. Some AntiVirus programs, such as Avast, can "false positive" & cause a freeze\crash; folder \OpenBveTrainSim\ may need to be designated as an exception in your AntiVirus program.

OBTS Route & Train Addon Developer Tools ~ Editor For ANIMATED+B3D+CSV+CFG+DAT+TXT Files; Do NOT Use MS-EXCEL! ~ Editor For BMP+GIF+JPG+PNG Files ~ Editor For WAV+FLAC Files ~ Object+Route+Train Editor Guides ~ Object Editor Guide ~ Train Editor Guide; B4TS Format But Still Useful ~ Route Editor Guide; B4TS Format But Still Useful ~ Route Terrain Generator Program & Demo Route ~ ObjectViewer v132a; Latest As Of This Writing ~ RouteViewer v143a; Latest As Of This Writing ~ Train.Dat Editor v1212a; Latest As Of This Writing ~ ObjectBender v1006a; Latest As Of This Writing ~ Train DLL, Windows\Linux\Mac, OBTS Default ~ Train DLL, Windows\Linux\Mac, Japanese ~ Train DLL, Windows\Linux\Mac, British ~ Train DLL, WindowsOnly, Steam\Diesel\Electric Configurable ~ Object Editors ~ Route Convertor, Old RW To New CSV Format ~ B3D Object Image Coordinate Calculator ~ Editors For Objects+Routes+Trains ~ Editor For Objects ~ Editor For Objects ~ PlugIn For Blender ~ Plugin For Blender

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